May 16, 2016

How Hot Do You Read?

Here's a Romance Novel Sensuality Guide

A Heat Level Guide to Romance Novels

When I go to pick my next romance read, I always wish there was a consistent heat-level rating attached to the description. I personally like reading (and writing) hot! Level-4 hot, while the romantic storyline needs to be overarching for me. Though I will grab an erotic romance ever-so-often, it’s the Harlequin Blaze or Desire level heat I crave, where the couple’s romantic thread anchors the journey while steamy hot sex plays an enormous driving force in the couple’s trip toward their HEA.

A Guide

I found this Romance Novel Sensuality Ratings Guide a while back on a cool blog site, All About Romance.

Now, if we authors start tagging our work with this guide’s heat ratings more often, us readers (most of us authors are the deepest of romance readers, certainly) would have an easier time of finding our just-right (and hot…or not so hot, depending on taste…) next romance novel. Because the contemporary romance subgenre alone has such a wide range of sexy-time presence and detail. C*ck but no p*ssy, c*nt with only Man-steel, or a blip of a “they did it” reference after a ten chapter build up (sometimes those build ups, even for me, can be just as good as a hot sex scene if the foreplay is written well!)

And while book covers and back blurbs can do a great job in helping filter, then the Amazon sample adds much to demystify, if I want some super sensual detail in my romance reads that can only be found in chapter eight, or my romance-reading friend wants her book-sex behind closed doors, wouldn’t a heat-level marker be just the thing?

What heat levels do you read in your romance novels? Would it help you if more authors noted where their books rate on the Sensuality Guide?

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Dani - May 22, 2017 Reply

I found this post while looking for some guidance on how to label the reviews on my own book blog. I read from one end of the scale to the other as far as sensuality goes. However, like you, I like to have some inkling of where on the scale a book falls before I read it. I’ve been caught totally off-guard when reading what I thought was a Christian romance that turned out to have more explicit language than I expected. I also found out recently that some of my IRL friends have been taking note of the book reviews that I post in my Facebook feed, so I am more conscious of mentioning how “hot” the book is because I know they don’t read explicit material.

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