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Cherri-Anne Boitson - May 27, 2016 Reply

Hi Rissa!

How’s it going?

CONGRATULATIONS on your debut novel!!! That is so AWESOME! I wish you lots & lots of success & happiness!

Thank you for sharing your excitement with us!

Cheers! HUGS Have a great one & take care Honey! xoxoxo

(I am hoping this is where I am supposed to comment for the rafflecopter contest, but regardless, CONGRATULATIONS!!! )

Rissa - May 30, 2016 Reply

Thanks Cherri-Anne! I appreciate the happy cheers and I so hope you enjoy the ride of Tempting Isabel! Shout out on Amazon or email me to let me know! xoxo Rissa

p.s. My childhood dogs were all Shelties! Super smart and wonderful!

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